Saturday 19 September 2015

The Great Outdoors Challenge - New Website and Pictures

Camp in the Gaick Pass, 2008

That unique backpacking event The Great Outdoors Challenge has a new website with details of the 2016 Challenge, masses of information and lots of inspiring pictures.

I'll be doing my sixteenth crossing of the Scottish Highlands next year and I've been thinking back to the previous ones, right back to the first Challenge in 1980 in fact.  It really is a great event and one that has been important to me for over 35 years now, which I find somewhat astonishing.

I took photographs on all the Challenges but I haven't scanned any of the films used in pre-digital days (note to self - I must do so) so I can't post anything from the 1980s or 1990s. I changed to digital in 2004 since when I've done six Challenges. Photos from these have appeared in posts before but I've gathered some together here. On only one of these crossings did I have a companion and I always seem to choose routes that mean I rarely encounter other Challengers so there's rarely other people or other tents in my pictures. Most are of camp sites. For me, the camps are as important as the walking and it these pictures that bring back the strongest memories.


Camp somewhere in the Central Highlands

On the edge of the hills, a day's walk from the East Coast.


Camp in Glen Affric
Camp with another Challenger at White Bridge in the Cairngorms


Camp on the summit of Ben Nevis

Beside Loch Treig


Camp in the Western Highlands

Challenge tents on the camp site in Montrose on the east coast


Snow on the Glen Affric hills

In Glen Feshie


Tony Hobbs in Gleann Gaorsaic

Camp with Tony Hobbs in the Monadh Liath


  1. Love the photo of camp on Ben Nevis. Might as well be Greenland. Do you know how I can get in touch with Tony Hobbs?

    1. Yes, the night on Ben Nevis was tremendous. That picture was taken early in the morning as mist was sinking below the summits and filling the glens.

      Tony is on Twitter - @TonyHobbsFlight

  2. Hi! Your photo shooting skills is awesome. The view are really nice and beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us your great experience and the beautiful photos