Friday 22 June 2018

OutDoor At Friedrichshafen

Nikwax outdoor meeting 

Well, that's the last OutDoor Show at Friedrichshafen over. I went for three of the four days (and the journey there and back is quite something in itself - I'll post about that separately) which is quite enough. After a while pack back systems, brightly coloured trail shoes and lightweight waterproofs all begin to merge together (there were lots of all three). I've described the interesting stuff I saw in three reports for The Great Outdoors website. All were written on my smartphone with the EC Technology keyboard, the last one in Heathrow Airport where I had a rather long wait. This is a great combination when travelling, very light and compact.

The show didn't seem as busy as usual, which makes it easier for visiting stands though probably not good for the companies themselves. Much happens away from the gear displays as well. The Outdoors Blogger Network was very active and it was good to meet Hendrik Morkell (Hiking In Finland) and others, including Jotaro Yoshida, founder and designer of Locus Gear, who turned out to be an Outlander fan and very interested in the Scottish Highlands. I might see him on the TGO Challenge next year!

The big halls at Messe Friedrichshafen quickly get hot, stuffy and smelly when filled with bright lights and many people. It's always a relief to get outside into fresh air so I was very pleased that Lowe Alpine were taking people for short walks to try a new pack and that Nikwax held a meeting about the European Outdoor Conservation Association outdoors. Next year in Munich this mightn't be so feasible or pleasant.

Manchester next, for the Outdoor Trade Show.

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