Sunday 8 December 2019

'Untold Suffering' a disturbing report by OneKind and the League Against Cruel Sports Scotland (LACSS) as part of the REVIVE coalition

That maintaining driven grouse moors involves killing predators (and other creatures by accident) isn't news. However this new report reveals the vast numbers slaughtered in cruel and inhumane ways. It's depressing reading but the shameful reality needs to be known. Spring traps, crow traps, and snares are all used regularly. As well as targeted species they can catch other species too - the report mentions cats, dogs, raptors and badgers and shows pictures of a hedgehog and a pine marten caught in spring traps.

The Untold Suffering report has many grim case studies and discusses why current welfare regulations don't work. The report also calls on the Scottish government to take action and has these recommendations:

An independent review of the welfare implications of all traps, conducted by animal
welfare scientists

A ban on snares, stink pits, Larsen traps, the use of decoy birds and mountain hare culls.
Driven grouse shooting should end.

A system of mandatory proficiency tests and licences for all shooters

All wildlife management carried out in Scotland to conform to the Seven Principles for
Ethical Wildlife Control

This is an important report. That thousands of wild animals suffer in this way is a disgrace. Change is needed now.

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  1. Hello Chris! that is very sad to hear!I cannot understand why the SNP have not done anything much as far sa I know to stop or put much titer controls on the crawl and cowardly economy of Grouse shooting for the rich that employees a tiny minority of unpleasant characters willing to be employed in such a trade as this,the SNP have had plenty of time to do something about this!we can't blame it all on the Tories,the SNP apparently don't seem to consider this a very important issue or they are intimidated by the very wealthy land owners who unfortunately own most of Highland Scotland! I hope this will change with large scale land reform and strict animal welfare laws brought in. J Hobbs.