Sunday 12 April 2020

What am I doing in this garish clothing? Pre-Paramo Paramo testing.

Continuing my lockdown wander through old photographs I came across this one of me in garish clothing.  It dates from around 1990 and was taken in the Cairngorms. It's not a good photograph and I hate those colours but there is a story as to why I was wearing that jacket and trousers.

The clothing is early Nikwax Analogy, which was launched in 1992 as Paramo. I was asked by Nick Brown of Nikwax if I'd like to try and report back on some new waterproof clothing he'd developed that didn't use membranes or coatings. I jumped at the chance and was sent this very basic suit. The jacket had a simple hood with front drawcords and two lower pockets. The trousers were simple pull-on ones with a drawcord waist. I wore them on several days in the Cairngorms, in rain, sleet and snow, and was very impressed.The garments kept me dry and the breathability and comfort was astounding.

Paramo has come a long way from those prototype garments. It works just as well but the designs and fabrics have vastly improved and the colours are much, much better.

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