Tuesday 28 July 2020

Camping in the Lake District in the long hot summer of 1976

In Hollow Stones

As the rain continues to beat down outside I've been sorting through more old photos and came across some from a very different summer, one where it was dry for week after week after week. 1976. I made several trips to the Lake District, alone and with friends, walking and camping in the fells. The heat made for an indolent relaxing idyllic time, ambling to the tops, relaxing in the sun. A summer like no other.

Near Bleaberry Tarn with Crummock Water far below

My pictures, taken on an old point-and-shoot Instamatic, are soft and grainy and the colours have faded. They do bring back that glorious summer for me though.

A rare cloud! Great Gable from Lingmell

Bowfell Links from Three Tarns

Scafell Crag from Lingmell. My pack is on the right - Camp Trails Ponderosa bag on a Camp Trails Astral Cruiser external frame

Hollow Stones


  1. I remember that summer so clearly - never seen another one quite like it. I was 14 and we’d just moved to the country, and my sister and I spent day after day after day in the fields. Fantastic!

  2. Aah, nostalgia's not what it used to be eh Chris 😖 Great to see, what was at the time, cutting edge gear. That summer I led some friends on the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path. I had a Karrimor Totem pack on a K2 frame and a Vango Force Ten Mk3 Standard tent. Happy days indeed

  3. I knew many people with that Karrimor combination. Amd the Force Ten tents. They were heavy! My tent was a Saunders Backpacker II.