Tuesday 15 September 2020

What I've Been Reading Online No. 24

 The Cairngorm Plateau, September 6

The Cairngorm Plateau, September 6    

Another month has passed since I last shared online pieces I've enjoyed reading. Here's the next selection.


Sensible look at this summer's problems with 'dirty camping' and littering by Andy Wightman MSP. 

Heavy Whalley looks at why we go to the hills. 

FionaOutdoors finds the Cuillin Ridge challenging.

A controversial piece from historian of mountains in Europe Dawn Hollis. I don't agree with it all (for a contrast see the Heavy Whalley piece listed above). It is thought-provoking though.

James Roddie has an overnight on one of the finest ridges for hillwalking - even though it has no Munros!

Heavy Whalley describes a tough rescue in the Cuillin in the days before modern gear and helicopter assistance.

The Munros in 31 days 23 hours? That's the record set this summer. Fiona Outdoors interviews Donnie Campbell and looks at the story of fast Munro rounds.

Ben Dolphin on the power of smell to take you places

An interesting interview with an amazing mountain runner by Alex Moshakis. 

Heavy Whalley again. In praise of maps.

Birch, September 5


Ros Coward says rewilding should begin in our houses and gardens.

Tom Hill looks at Dom Ferris's projects Trash Free Trails and Selfless Isolation Project.

Phoebe Weston profiles Derek Gow

Mark Cocker looks at nature, access, and land ownership with short reviews of several recent books including Nick Hayes' The Book of Trespass. 

A guest writer on Mark Avery's blog describes her encounter with the dismal reality of the game shooting industry.

Environmentalist Subhankar Banerjee on Trump's war on nature and the communities fighting back.


Mike Prince writes about the lie that a better camera will make you a better photographer. 

Good advice from professional wildlife photographer Craig Jones.

More good advice, this time from James Cox on making smartphone videos.

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