Tuesday 25 May 2021

Book Review: Wild Guide French Alps by Helen & Paul Webster


Wild Guides are travel compendiums covering a wide range of outdoor activities and opportunities along with food, accommodation, history, geology and more. This latest volume on the Fench Alps by Helen and Paul Webster of Walk Highlands is packed with masses of exciting information along with inspiring photographs, most of them by the authors. 

There are suggestions for the best places in the whole of the French Alps for eleven topics, ranging from wild swimming and mountain scenery to forts & chateaux and local produce. The region is then divided into seventeen areas with again recommendations for different activities. The careful layout means it's easy to find your areas of interest amidst the wealth of information.

This isn't a mountaineering or walking guide. It's a general overview of what the Fench Alps has to offer to the visitor looking to experience everything the area has to offer. It contains an astonishing number of options - enough for several lifetimes. If you're visiting the French Alps it would be a great companion as well as a book to use for planning. I'll certainly be using it for my next visit. 


 Wild Guides French Alps is published by Wild Things and costs £18.99

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