Wednesday 5 May 2021

Scottish Election: Vote Andy Wightman Highlands And Islands Regional List

Tomorrow is the Scottish Parliament election and I'm voting for Andy Wightman on the Regional List. Why? Because he is a champion of decentralisation, local control, conservation, and land reform, and was one of the most impressive members of the last Scottish Parliament. 

Andy Wightman is the author of two key books, Who Owns Scotland and The Poor Had No Lawyers. I first came across him through the first of these, a work of astonishing research and great importance, some 25 years ago. His concern for land reform and the environment long predates his becoming an MSP. I've met him at conservation events a few times and been impressed with his dedication, intelligence, and commitment. 

So I'll be voting for Andy. I hope many others do too. I have no idea how likely it is for an independent candidate to win a seat. But I really hope Andy Wightman does. We need him in the Scottish Parliament. Though I'm sure some big landowners will disagree.

You can find out more about Andy Wightman and his campaign here.


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