Friday 7 June 2024

Kickstarter fund raiser for Mountain Style: The first illustrated history of British outdoor clothing – apparel that took us further, faster and higher, and became style classics.

A fascinating book on the history of British outdoor clothing is due out this autumn. The authors Henry Iddon and Max Leonard are seeking funds on Kickstarter to meet the costs of publishing. 

Advertising through the years

The book will be packed with illustrations from advertisements and magazines as well as archive photographs of the clothing in use in the British hills and further afield in the Alps and Himalayas showing just how styles and fabrics changed dramatically in the last half of the twentieth century. The authors have spent years doing detailed research and have interviewed many of the key figures involved in what was a period of rapid development and innovation.

Fylde Mountain Club, 1960s. Credit: Tony Iddon

As well as the clothing the book covers the rise of the main brands, both those still with us today and those long gone. I had clothing from most of those in the picture below.

Disappeared brands

I've written an essay for the book, looking at the clothing I wore on long-distance walks from the 1970s onwards and my involvement with the outdoor trade as a gear reviewer.

I think this looks a wonderful book that I'm very much looking forward to reading. Just the photos I've seen bring back many memories. It deserves support.

Troll 1980s and Peter Storm 1970s

There's much more information, including the rewards for different levels of support, on the Kickstarter page.  


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