Monday 12 November 2012

Once Upon A Time In The Distant Past .......

Myself, David & Bob (plus unidentified backside) at the Bickershaw Festival, May 1972. Photo: Pete Crick.

Yesterday the magic of the internet brought a wonderful email from a friend from college days I'd had no contact with for nearly 40 years. David Folkes had been reading and enjoying my book Grizzly Bears and Razor Clams. Noticing that I mentioned the music of The Grateful Dead, which was playing at the Bonaparte Lake Resort, he dug out a few old pictures from the Bickershaw Festival, which I went to mainly to see the Dead. I had forgotten such pictures were ever taken. I remember that the weather was wet and windy - a bit of research found some stuff on the web about it (is there anything that isn't online somewhere?) that says it was "definitely one of the wettest rock festivals of all time". I really enjoyed it though, especially the Grateful Dead.

I have of course been playing some Grateful Dead to go along with the photo and the memories, especially those tracks on the Europe '72 album that were recorded at Bickershaw - the version of Dark Star from the festival is playing as I write this. I'm also currently downloading the free tracks from 30 Days of Dead - the third year running the band has given away tracks each day of November.

By the way, I hope no-one is going to ask me what the tent is in the photo. I haven't a clue!


  1. Great photo, thought you were George Harrison at first! :-)

  2. I have, on vinyl, the double 'Skull and Roses' live album. It's a little crackly from the use it's had but it still sounds pretty good. Although other members of the household may not share that point of view.

  3. But whats your playlist? Fire on the Mountain/Cold Rain and Snow/Walking Blues/Weather Report Suite/Sunshine Daydream/Lazy Lightning/Looks Like Rain/Easy Wind/Here Comes Sunshine?
    Ah, What a Long Strange Trip indeed.

  4. Wow, that is some photo! It brought back many black-and-white memories for me too. My favourite album is 'American Beauty', and I still play it from time to time. And isn't that Roy Orbison looking spaced-out next to Richard Thompson? (Not George Harrison, no way.)

    The tent is obviously the limited-run Dopeshredder ridge tent (circa 1972). Much condensation but it smelled pretty sweet.

  5. Looking good. Can you put up a 2012 shot along that 1972 photo? Sort of a reunion special between old friends. I love the sentiment by the way. Makes me miss my old friends, long gone.