Friday 18 January 2013

Squirrels & Robins & Snow

Cold weather and snow always brings more wildlife to the feeders but the last few days have not seen the usual mix of creatures. The coal, blue and great tits and the great spotted woodpeckers have been around as always but there have been no greenfinches, just one solitary siskin, and only a few chaffinches. The red squirrels have been very active, with five present quite often. There have also been five robins, which is the most at any one time. Generally one or two is the most we've seen together.

The robins have also been working out how to hang on feeders, though they prefer the ground, on which I've been scattering seed mix. Several blackbirds are currently regular visitors too, along with a couple of dunnocks. It will be interesting to see what other birds arrive if the cold weather continues, as is forecast.

1 comment:

  1. why do we tolerate those filthy grey's? they come here, steal our nuts and dont give a damn about our robins