Thursday 5 December 2013

BMC Ambassador for Hillwalking

Above Derwentwater in the Lake District

I am delighted and honoured to be the British Mountaineering Council's first ever Ambassador for Hillwalking. As is this is a new role I'm not sure exactly what will be involved but I will be popping up at various time to promote hillwalking and the work of the BMC. Whilst the BMC has always represented hillwalkers in England and Wales and has done valuable work in the areas of access and conservation it's public face has tended to be more about climbing. This changed last year when Carey Davies was appointed as the BMC's first hillwalking officer. I'll be working closely with Carey, who I know from his days as Deputy Editor of The Great Outdoors.

This will be an interesting challenge and I'm looking forward to working with the BMC over the next few years. The official announcement can be seen here.

The picture was taken on a visit to the Lake District last May. I do go walking south of the Scottish border sometimes!


  1. Well done Chris. I would say you are ideal for the job!

  2. I'll second that.

    I know you don't seek recognition but, I think it is about time your work has been formally recognised. As I've said before (over on Andy Howell's blog) you have contributed a huge amount to our enjoyment of Britain's wild places. So many books, photos, articles, talks, film and, of course, this informative and highly thought provoking blog site. Well done and thank you!

    Dave Porter

  3. Many congrats again, Chris. You are very much the right person for the role.

    I hope this appointment and that of Carey indicate that the BMC is indeed becoming more aware of how hillwalking needs representation at least as much as climbing – hillwalking is, after all, the more popular of the two.

    I see the BMC has also just appointed seven climbing ambassadors – so you're doing the work of seven, single-handedly!

  4. I have just read you book Backpacker manual and its an impressive book with lots of analysis whilst at same time heaving with spicy outdoor and adventure anecdotes.