Tuesday 16 February 2021

What I've Been Reading Online No 29

Ski tracks & the Cromdale Hills, February 11


The first look at stories I've enjoyed reading online so far this year.


Time Travel Is Possible 

A night out in a winter storm takes Andrew Terrill back in time to another walk and another place in this lovely essay


Chris Puddephat describes a fortnight of icicles in Assynt, illustrated with magnificent photographs.

What is scrambling?

Good piece on scrambling with some sensible advice from John Fleetwood, author of Scrambles in the Lake District South.  

Forgive Us Our Trespasses

"We won’t begin to solve that existential crisis by frightening ordinary people with the idea they might face a criminal conviction for exploring their own natural heritage." Ed Douglas on the Westminster government's proposal to criminalise trespass in England. 

Kerri Andrews on Wanderers, A History of Women Walking 

Interview with Kerri Andrews on her book on the history of women walking. 

Character Building Adventures #1

Andrew Terrill remembers a long tentless night out in Snowdonia after his inadequate tent failed.  


My snowshoes in use, February 8
Snowshoes in Scotland - more than just a novelty

Why you should consider snowshoes for the snow in Scotland. Alex Roddie explains.

After our 112-mile hike in the Sierra Nevada, I won’t underestimate my kids again

Jemima Kiss takes her family on the John Muir Trail in California

Review: Thrunotes waterproof hiking notebooks

Comprehensive review of these excellent notebooks by Alex Roddie 

Desert Island Peaks: Anne Butler

Desert Island Peaks: Cameron McNeish 

Two in UKHillwalking.com's series on peaks various outdoor people would take to a desert island. You can read my selection here


Rabbit in the snow, February 4


Regarding Reintroductions: the Lynx and the Beaver 

A look at these two species and what they could mean for Scotland by Chris Charlton

Following Footprints 

Tracks and trails in the snow give a glimpse into the lives of  animals and birds for Ben Dolphin

‘Reservoirs of life’: how hedgerows can help the UK reach net zero in 2050

Phoebe Weston looks at how expanding hedgerows can help biodiversity and reaching net zero for climate change emissions.

Beavers are still facing an uncertain future in Scotland 

What's happening with beavers in Scotland described by Alan Watson Featherstone, who calls for translocation rather than killing.


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