Wednesday 10 February 2021

The Outdoor Guide Gin


Now gin is not my favourite tipple - that's very much Scotch whisky - but when I was offered a bottle of a new gin with an outdoor connection back in December I couldn't resist. Having tried it I can see that I might have a gin a little more often.

The Outdoor Guide Gin is a collaboration between Julia Bradbury's The Outdoor Guide and the Derbyshire Distillery. It's described as "a delicious and unusual gin with a unique blend of fresh botanicals, blending traditional juniper with blackberry, raspberry, heather and lavender with hints of nettles and mint, all inspired by the Peak District." Julia Bradbury says she "would love people to enjoy this drink as a celebration at the top of a mountain or after a long walk when you’re feeling euphoric and get back to your bed for the night". I suggest only a small nip for the first! Better for when you're back down.

Having tried the gin a few times now, though never on a mountain, I do find it refreshing with a pleasant flowery aroma and taste. I can't identify all the botanicals mentioned but the light taste is rather summery and more complex than other gin I've drunk. It's certainly the nicest gin I've tried, though as I say i haven't tried that many. (Mostly I've had gin and tonic on long haul flights - after discovering no decent whisky was available - and these have been the standard big name gins). 

Derbyshire Distillery says "serve over ice and top up with Franklin & Sons Natural Indian Tonic Water". Maybe in summer I would have it with ice but not in the winter. My house isn't very warm so it's cold enough anyway. I tried it with Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water, which is what's available locally, and the combination is pleasant. It does somewhat reduce the delicate fresh taste of the gin though. I think it's best drunk neat.

If you like gin or fancy trying one I'm happy to recommend The Outdoor Guide gin.


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