Sunday 24 September 2023

A ski tour image from the past

Chris Townsend descending from Toppstugan, Kebnekaise, Sweden, April 1994. Photo by Richard Baker.

I'm delighted to have received the above photograph from Richard Baker, who was on a number of trips run by Peter and Pat Lennon for whom I led many ski tours in the 1990s.

Richard sent me the image after reading my post on scanning old films. Like me he's found that scanning software can now result in better images than in the past. He tells me that this image was taken on Kodachrome 25, scanned on a Nikon LS-4000, and processed in VueScan. I've reduced his 6.88 mb image in size for posting online. Viewed on my PC screen the detail is excellent.

It's wonderful to see this picture. It brings back so many memories. I must scan some of my images from ski tours back then. I have hundreds and hundreds.

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