Monday 27 November 2023

November Sunset

November is unsettled and so am I. In the month’s case it’s the weather, rolling from mild to frosty, calm to windy, and rain and mist to, just occasionally and briefly, sunshine. In my case it’s the continuing recuperation from an operation that seems long ago but is actually only two weeks ago and in particular the injunction not to lift anything heavy. What is heavy? A day pack? Maybe not. A day pack with ice axe and crampons? Maybe. An overnight pack full of winter gear? Almost certainly.

My venture up my local little hill last week was with a very light daypack and only took two hours. Probably pushing the limits though so I’ve stuck to strolls in local woods and fields with just a camera since then. Some days I’ve taken no pictures, the flat grey light uninspiring for photography though the trees and wildlife were just as wonderful as ever. One day I did take a single photograph, showing fresh snow on the Cromdale Hills. Mostly the hills have been hidden in the clouds.

Yesterday though (November 26) started grey and frosty but expanded into brightness and colour in the late afternoon – which at this time of year means after 3pm. The solid, thick, and heavy greyness began to break revealing layers of clouds in different shapes and shades. The low sun streaked them orange. The upper clouds were dappled, the sky blue behind them. Suddenly the world was alight with beauty.

The setting sun lit up the trees, the old goat willow glowing in the last light. Then the trees turned to silhouettes and I watched the last orange clouds fading away behind the black outlines of leafless birches.I headed home relaxed and at peace.

In a few days I’ll venture a little further and a little higher and see how I get on.


  1. Lovely pictures Chris. Hope you have a speedy recovery from your op.

  2. Great photos Chris, as usual, sorry to hear that you're unsettled, hope the op wasn't for anything too serious and sending best wishes from H&M for a speedy recovery x