Saturday 18 November 2023

Old Prints Of Long Walks

Continuing my search through old photos for ones suitable for the exciting project (actually two books) I mentioned in this post I came across two very different ones from very different walks. The above picture was taken in very hot weather on my Continental Divide Trail thru-hike in 1985. The walker is Scott Steiner who accompanied me for the first 500 miles. My caption on the back of the print just says "In The Montana Rockies". I think it was in the Scapegoat Wilderness. 

The second print is captioned "Dusk In Arctic Norway" and was taken on my length of Norway and Sweden walk in 1992. 

I wish I'd written more detailed captions!

Both images bring back many wonderful memories. On that section in Montana where the trail followed the crest of the mountains it was very dry and we had to carry several litres of water at times. The views were spectacular though. In Norway it was the opposite with much rain, streams to ford, and extensive mist. Dry camps with a sunset were rare but when it was clear the views were also spectacular. 

Both prints were taken with Ilford FP4 ISO 125 film and photographed for the digital images with my Sony a6700 camera and Sony E 35mm f1.8 lens at ISO 100, f2.2 at 1/30 second, handheld. To achieve a look as close to the prints as possible I used the Ilford FP4 setting in DxO Film Pack when processing the raw files in DxO PhotoLab. The first digital image looks almost identical to the print. For the second one I lightened the foreground to show a little more detail.

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