Tuesday 21 November 2023

Tom Mor, New Mast, Continuing Recuperation

As it’s two weeks since my operation and recuperation is going well (see here) I decided to try a little hill walk with a light pack. So far I’ve just done very short strolls in the fields and woods close to home. This time I ventured a bit further and went up Tom Mor, the hill on the other side of our little side glen. Up and down only takes two to three hours so I reckoned it shouldn’t put too much strain on my healing wound and I’m pleased to say it doesn’t appear to have done so.

This is also my first ascent of Tom Mor since the new communications mast appeared last month, replacing the one that disappeared in August. (See here and here and here). This new smaller mast is now providing us with decent and hopefully reliable broadband (20-30mbs) for the first time, which is wonderful! No going off to make a coffee whilst waiting for the old slow connections to crank into life to post some small file.

The day was chilly, cloudy, and dark. However it looked the best of the week. Yesterday was very wet and the forecast for tomorrow and the rest of the week is for much windier and stormier weather. As it was the wind on Tom Mor was brisk and cold. Lower down it was calm and I’d soon removed hat, gloves and fleece. On the summit they quickly went back on.

Looking across the dark forests and pale fields of Strathspey I could see fresh snow on the distant Cairngorms, a return to winter high up after the milder weather of the last few days which had stripped the hills of much of the snow.

This is my fourth post in four months about the masts on Tom Mor. I promise it’s the last one!

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