Wednesday 22 July 2020

A glorious dawn.

Sometimes excitement can grab you unexpectedly and so it was in the early hours of this morning, before the sun rose. Having worked late I'd been unwinding with a book when I glanced out of the window and leapt to my feet. An almost vertical shaft of rainbow light was rising out of the fields. Feeling this light wouldn't last long I grabbed my camera and dashed outside. The long grass was wet and my feet in sandals that double as slippers and some old socks were soon soaked. The air was chilly too but there was no time to don a warmer jacket. Anyway, inspired by the glorious sky I didn't notice the damp or the cold until later.

Away to the north-east the sky was glowing, Ben Rinnes and nearby hills were etched hard against the shimmering clouds. South the rainbow shaft was slowly sinking as clouds thickened. Golden light played over the forest.

I wandered the fields. watching the magical light. All too soon the glory faded. There was no sunrise, just strenthening grey light. I went home and to bed.

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  1. Its amazing how familiar views can still surprise us. I've had wonderful camps by tarns and later said to my friends "You've GOT to join me for a walk up there!" .. only to be disappointed by the dreary light. Next time up there on my own, camping, it was simply stunning. A familiar place and viewpoint, but that particular evening - Wow! Full of surprises.

    Lovely photos Chris.