A Little About Me

As a passionate enthusiast for wilderness I have spent much of my life exploring wild places. Long distance hikes are my particular delight and I have completed many of these adventures. Many years ago I set out to communicate my feelings about nature and the joy it brings me through writing and photography.

I am the author of twenty-five books, most illustrated with my photographs
, and have co-authored and contributed to several more. I have also written and illustrated hundreds of articles for magazines, web sites and newspapers. Since 1991 I have been the Equipment Editor of The Great Outdoors magazine, contributing monthly features on gear and techniques as well as a regular column on backpacking and occasional pieces on my walks and other outdoor topics. I also write for other magazines and give illustrated talks.

I was awarded the Outdoor Writers' Guild Award for Excellence for Outdoor book of the Year for The Backpacker's Handbook in 1993 and for Out There: A Voice From The Wild in 2016.  I also recived the OWPG Award for Outdoor Feature in 1996, 1997, 2008, 2014 and 2015  for the features Snow Place Like Home, on building snow shelters;  Below the Face of the Earth, on the Grand Canyon; The Man Who Walked Through Time, about Colin Fletcher; Tarps & Shelters, a review of different models and how to use them; and High & Wild about the Cairngorms in winter. All of these were published in The Great Outdoors magazine.

I am currently a Trustee of the John Muir Trust and previously served as President of the Mountaineering Council of Scotland.


  1. Thank you Chris. It's good to be in touch. One of my National Navigation Award Scheme Board colleagues id Pete Hawkins, whom you may well know. Also an author on Navigation, and he and I work closely together. Hope all is well for and with you. Have you made a note of the NEC Consumer Outdoors Expo 27&28/03.2021. Regards Keith

  2. Hello Chris,I have enjoyed reading your "about me" part of your website.I have been thankful for many years that you can write in such a way that can inspire others to also enjoy the outdoors but also,and very importantly,to learn and implement how to conserve our wild places,flora and fauna alike,for future generations.I just wish the government would contact you as regards how to do this,as they show that they do not have much of a clue.I guess the best way to conserve anything is to first of all love it.You kindly signed my books before covid came along,I cannot get to the outdoors nowadays due to several chronic illnesses,but I take great delight in reading your articles.Thank you.Paul.