Wednesday 16 December 2009

Birks of Aberfeldy on BBC Radio Scotland Out of Doors

Today I was interviewed by Euan McIlwraith about the threat to the Birks of Aberfeldy (see blog posts for November 12 and 22) for the BBC Radio Scotland Out of Doors programme. The piece should appear in this weekend’s edition. The programme is broadcast at 6.30am on Saturday and 11.05am on Sunday. It’s then available on BBC iPlayer for the next week.

The latest news on the affair is that the councillor’s meeting due to be held today to make a decision has been postponed until sometime in the new year. The Aberfeldy Community Council had a local ballot three weeks ago and received over 200 responses of which 70% were opposed to the scheme. And at a meeting of the Community Council early this month there was a 54-4 vote against the scheme. Normally only 10-15 people attend these meetings. Clearly local opposition to the scheme is strong and becoming vocal.

Photo info: The Moness Burn in the Birks of Aberfeldy after heavy rain. Canon EOS 450D, Tamron 11-18@ 18mm, 1/50@ f5.6, ISO 400, raw file converted to JPEG and cropped in Lightroom 2.5

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  1. Chris, I'll look out for that.

    I think with some BBC broadcasts, if you access them on-line and then save the URL, you can still view them after their iPlayer time has elapsed by being redirected to another host site. This certainly works with episodes of 'The Natural World' which I have bookmarked.

    I had a bit of a rant about about turbines on the blog today (, I'm getting into it a bit now.