Friday 19 August 2011

The Right to Camp Wild ......

Whilst in Edinburgh I briefly escaped the traffic fumes and noise for a walk up Calton Hill. Strolling round the popular paths on the hill I was surprised to find someone camping. There is a right to camp wild in Scotland but I hadn't expected to find someone taking that right in the heart of the capital. Others passing by were amused by the tent, especially as the camper was inside, presumably asleep, with just his hand hanging out of the door.


  1. Or they may have been amused by the Boxer shorts-flag, that had been erected atop of the wee tent. LOL

  2. Lovely, down here there are those that would frown upon it, I am sure.
    Nice bit of sun there. Any chance of sharing it around lol ;-)

  3. Carlton Hill is one place I would not want to be too often after dark. It has a bad reputation in Edinburgh for certain types of liaisons.

  4. Ca'r'lton hill.

    Yeah, you have to be careful with your r's on Calton hill. :)

    Mike fae Dundee

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