Friday, 9 December 2016

Yosemite Valley to Death Valley Podcast on The Outdoor Station Part 2.

In the Panamint Valley

The second part of the podcast on my Yosemite Valley to Death Valley walk is now available on The Outdoors Station.


  1. Thanks Chris and Bob. Further inspiration!

    Chris, I recall that you reviewed the Google Nexus 7 tablet favourably a while ago. Did you take one with you? I ask because I too have a non-paperwhite Kindle, but now use my Nexus 7 with the Kindle app to save weight (I also need to receive/send emails as I've rented out my home) but of course power is a problem as the Kindle lasts a month and the Nexus about 10 hrs. I can JUST about get away with my small Pico Freeloader solar charger - I actually have two so might carry both next trip - in the Pyrenees for example this summer, but maybe the Powertraveller would be good. But even though you sing its praises, it is certainly a step up in weight from my little Picos. But now I use a Sony a6000 camera, I need more juice.

    Also, re bears, do you ever worry that even though you cook and eat away from camp, your clothes/breath carry the scent back to camp? Same goes for freshly brushed teeth. Do you purposely choose food that isn't too smelly? I can't live without my chilli spice mix (if my eyes aren't watering by the end I've failed!).What about sock odour (no offence, I'm referring to myself).

    Looking forward to your next trip which you are perhaps already planning?



    I liked the comment re how amazing it is to see Darwin Falls in the desert context. It reminded me of a climbing instructor who said to me how returning to a lush valley after spending weeks on a high altitude expedition surrounded by rock, snow and ice for weeks on end, the smells of the valley upon return are almost intoxicating.. or 'amazing'.

  2. Thanks Jay. I didn't take the Nexus 7 - it's quite old and a bit cranky now! I found my smartphone - Samsung Galaxy S7 - was adequate for emails and blog posts. The Powertraveller is certainly weighty compared with the Pico Freeloader but the latter wouldn't have been anywhere near adequate for charging all my devices.

    I didn't worry about smells on clothing or other gear or my breath. I didn't choose food that wasn't smelly either. On a few really cold mornings I moved my kitchen back to my sleeping area so I could have breakfast from inside the sleeping bag too.

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