Sunday 2 April 2017

Book Review: Annandale Way by Roger Turnbull and Jacquetta Megarry

The Annandale Way is a lovely long-distance walk in Southern Scotland that runs down the valley of the River Arran from its source in the hills to the sea. Depending on which option you take in the middle section it's either 85 or 90 kilometres long. Six years ago I walked this path on behalf of Walk Highlands (you can read my description here). Back then there was no guidebook and the route wasn't marked on maps. Few people had heard of it - including myself. I really enjoyed the walk, especially the quiet setting and the abundant wildlife.

Now there's an excellent guidebook, published just this year. It contains detailed 1:44,000 maps and an easy-to-follow route description. There's masses of background information too, including details of facilities, history, and natural history plus excellent photographs by Lynne Kirton.

Joe Graham's Monument on Almagill Hill

The book is printed on waterproof paper in a ring-binder format so it can easily be folded flat at the appropriate page. It weighs 198 grams (I don't usually weigh books but as this one is designed to be carried I did) and is published by Rucksack Readers. Hopefully it will attract more walkers to this little-known but attractive area.

Forest camp on the Annandale Way

Whilst there's plenty of accommodation along the route it's not evenly spaced and places may be booked up. Much better to do as I did and take a tent. There are a few farm and village campsites and plenty of opportunities for wild camping.

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