Sunday 10 July 2022

40 Years Ago On The Pacific Crest Trail: Through Lassen Volcanic National Park

Boiling Springs Lake

On the 10th July 1982 I walked through Lassen Volcanic National Park on the Pacific Crest Trail, a unique section of the trail with a landscape unlike anywhere else. Here you know you've entered the Cascade Range and left the Sierra Nevada behind. Lassen Peak is the southernmost volcano in the Cascades and the first of a whole string of volcanoes I would pass by the rest of the walk. 

Terminal Geyser

Only in this area though is there volcanic activity alongside the trail with spouting geysers, bubbling mud pots and the sound of gurgling underground. I found it all fascinating, especially Boiling Springs Lake, a milky-looking pool surrounded by steaming vents.The earth feels alive here.

Shower on the Hat Creek Campground

The PCT was only in the park for 28km (17.4 Miles) and I left it the next day for mostly pleasant forest walking to the little town of Old Station where I camped on the Hat Creek Campground under some huge magnificent Ponderosa Pines. Here I had my first rest day since Mammoth Lakes, a long 33 days ago. I'd now walked 1226 miles (971km). Just over halfway!

The full story of my PCT hike is told in my book.

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