Thursday 25 August 2022

Images of my Scandinavian Mountain walk 30 years ago in B&W

Lakavatnet, Central Norway. August 12

As promised in my last post here are some B&W images from my walk the length of the mountains of Norway and Sweden in 1992. These were taken on B&W film from which I had 15 x 10cm prints made. I could probably get better results from the negatives but I haven't yet located them so these are photographs of the prints. 

Setadalsheiene, Southern Norway. Late June.

Pieljekaisestugan, Northern Sweden. August 29.

As I noted in my last post I don't have details of where and when all the pictures were taken. Some of the prints have captions on the back. Many don't. I curse my old self again! Here are a couple of camp shots that could be anywhere along the route.

The next two images were taken in the long Tjaktavagge valley on the Kungsleden long-distance path in Northern Sweden on the 9th September. 

My last picture is captioned "Dusk in Arctic Norway", which means it was taken in the last week of  the walk, between the 12th and 17th September.


  1. Nice photos, Chris, really atmospheric in b/w ♥️, all the best from M&H xx

  2. Oozing with nostalgia Chris. Great set of photos. Having read and thoroughly enjoyed Andrew Terrill's first book, I'm looking forward to reading about the second half of his trip.