Wednesday 15 May 2024

The Cape Wrath Trail


Pack packed, gear sorted, train tickets bought. In a few days I'll be setting off on the Cape Wrath Trail, making my way from Fort William to Cape Wrath through the NW Highlands.

I've thought about walking this route for many years. I had planned it for last autumn but various things got in the way and I ended up with five stormy days in the Eastern Cairngorms instead. So I'm trying again. 

The Cape Wrath Trail isn't really a trail, at least not in the sense of a continous footpath or even a set route. There's nothing official about it either so no signposts or waymarks. The guidebook and maps do suggest a route, along with alternatives in places, but there's no need to stick to any of these. Walk from Fort William to Cape Wrath through the hills by any route you choose and that's your Cape Wrath Trail. I'm not even certain which route I'll take in places. I may climb some hills along the way. Then again I may not. It all depends on the weather and how I'm feeling.

There are a few sections described in the guidebook I will do as they will be new to me. Much of the route I've already done in small sections as part of other walks and I've been up all the Munros and Corbetts along the way. Maybe I'll go up some of them again. What I want to see is how it unfolds as a continuous walk, how it feels as a whole, how much does it make sense.

It feels good to be setting off on a long walk again, as always. There'll be pictures and stories of course. During the walk at times, probably, afterwards, definitely.



  1. Looking forward to some pictures and stories when you get back Chris.

    Enjoy your journey.


  2. Have a great walk Chris. 🚶‍♀️ I hope the weather's good to you. Look forward to your reports. Liz.

  3. Hope that the weather is kind to you, Chris, have a great time; all the best from M&H xx

  4. Have a great trip! We're just back from the Craig to Kinlochewe to Dundonnell sections.

  5. Hiking Birdman24 May 2024 at 15:50

    I hiked the Cape Wrath Trail in April/May 2019 and used the same Harvey maps (excellent) and Cicerone book. Actually started in Milngavie to walk the WHW first and then connect to the CWT to walk it as one continuous path (with ferry in Fort Williams).

    There are indeed multiple variations on the CWT. I chose western variant through Knoydart (fantastic!) and at Stage 6 the western variant around Beinn Eighe. I loved it!

    I had sent resupply packages to Morvich Caravan Club campsite (didn't stay there but they were friendly enough to receive/keep my package) and Oykel Bridge fishing lodge (same), because I didn't want to stay in towns or be bothered with looking for food, so I could concentrate on my hiking and camping.

    I was lucky with the weather because it was very dry by West Highlands standards. I hope you enjoy your hike as much as I did!

  6. Wonderful! Best of luck.