Saturday 8 June 2024

Clouds & mist on the Cape Wrath Trail: Some Photographs

Evening light over the River Garry

Sorting through the photos I took on the Cape Wrath Trail I noticed that a large number feature clouds, mist, and skyscapes, a result of the weather I experienced much of the time. There is beauty and drama in this weather and it certainly leads to more interesting pictures than endless ones of blue skies and sunshine however attractive those might be at the time.

Morning mist over Loch Lochy

Here's a selection of these moody scenes. I will soon get round to telling the actual story of the walk and also post my perhaps controversial thoughts on the environment along the way.

Clouds on the hills above Dorusduain Wood

Loch Lon Mhurchaidh in the rain

Allt na Doire Gairbhe before the rain

There's a forest in there. Above the Dundonnell River

Loch Ailsh & Benmore Lodge

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