Saturday 7 May 2016

Talk at Dunblane Library

Next Tuesday, May 10th, I'm giving an illustrated talk about my book Out There at Dunblane Library as part of the Off The Page Book Festival. More details here.

I'll be showing photos from some of the trips described in the book and talking about those adventures, the people and books who inspired me, and the importance of wild places.


  1. Looking forward to it Chris

  2. Enjoyed your talk Chris, as did my friends who came along too

  3. Will you be giving any talks south of the border Chris? Ive downloaded the book to my Nexus, and looking forward to a good read.

    1. Not at the moment I'm afraid Jay. The only other talk I'm giving anytime soon is in St Andrews on May 28.

  4. Inspired by your talk Chris, now looking forward to reading the book. A whole new world out there.