Friday 2 August 2019

What I've Been Reading Online No. 9: Outdoors

Evening light over the Cairngorms, July 27

I've found so much of interest to read online in recent weeks that I'm dividing it up, somewhat arbitrarily, into sections, starting with outdoor activity topics.

Walkers are middle-aged, hikers are cool
An interesting and encouraging article about how young people are taking up walking (or hiking, or whatever anyone wants to call it).

Digitised Diaries - Gwen Moffat: Storm on La Meije, 1959
A dramatic day in the Alps described by Britain's first female mountain guide 

Adventurer to follow in footsteps of trailblazing nature writer Nan Shepherd 
Elise Wortley is setting off into the Cairngorms following the walks of Nan Shepherd 

How an app made hiking easier - with unintended consequence  
A phone app has made hiking America's long trails much easier

Searching for Russell's caves on the Pyrenean Haute Route 
Researching a new guide book for the Pyrenean Haute Route Tom Martens has an adventure searching for the caves built high in the mountains in the late nineteenth century by pioneer Henry Russell

40 years of Walks and Climbs in the Pyrenees  
Kev Reynolds tells the story of his classic guide to the Pyrenees, which is now is forty years old. 

The Battle for the Cambrian Way
Establishing this route the length of Wales was a big struggle.

New Hampshire Hiker Sets Epic, 576-Summit Speed Record on White Mountains Grid
Story of Philip Garcia summiting 48 peaks over 4,000' every month for a year.

On Reaching the End of the Trail 
Facing up to being unable to hike any more

Wild moment: The playground of giants
A long run in the Cairngorms in the footsteps of Nan Shepherd



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