Monday 22 June 2020

The Great Outdoors June issue

A belated look at the June issue of The Great Outdoors - I've only just seen a copy. It is still in the shops, though the July issue will replace it soon.

This issue features navigation. I review 8 navigation apps, and describe 2 more that are only available for Apple devices (I don't have any of these). Alex Roddie goes traditional and just takes map and compass on a winter trip to Torridon. In a separate piece Alex also describes how to get the most out of digital navigation.

I also review three ultralight waterproof jackets. I can say these were thoroughly tested (see pictures below).

Also in this issue editor Carey Davies walks the wonderful High Sierra Trail in the Sierra Nevada in California; and mountaineer Rebecca Coles makes a first ascent in the Himalaya and reflects on the experience. Both features have great photos. There's an excerpt from Terry Abraham's wonderful new book Life on the Mountains, illustrated with Terry's beautiful photos.

In shorter pieces Jim Perrin delves into the legends of The Roaches; TGO Challenge coordinators Sue Oxley and Ali Ogden look at the tents they've used over the years; Hanna Lindon asks what 'normal' might be after lockdown and in a separate article considers what returning to the hills could mean; also on lockdown Kirstie Smith, Stuart Ship and Mark Connelly describe their experiences; Roger Smith explores a local wood; and the online book club, led by Hanna Lindon, discusses Nan Shepherd's The Living Mountain.

There is currently a special lockdown subscription off for The The Great Outdoors.


  1. It seems waterproof jacket hoods have gone backwards in design. There was a time when a decent peak and coverage was the norm. Now they look like the lid on a swing bin!

    1. These are ultralight jackets. On ones this light hoods have actually improved in recent years. Of course they're not suitable for winter mountain use but the jackets as a whole aren't suitable for this anyway.