Sunday 26 June 2016

Images from the TGO Challenge

Sunset, Morar

There was much dramatic light on this year's TGO Challenge, on which I walked across the Scottish Highlands from Morar on the west coast to Montrose on the east coast. Here are some images taken in sunshine, thunderstorms, high winds and clearing mists.

Loch Morar

Luib-chonnal Bothy

Glen Feshie

Victoria Bridge, Deeside

Glen Doll

Montrose Beach


  1. Sensational photos Chris and congratulations on completing the challenge once again. Which camera did you use?

  2. Thanks Ian. The camera was the Sony NEX 7, which is getting quite an old model now.

    1. OK, thanks Chris. It may be getting old but you're obviously getting the best out of it.